Buying That New Mouse

For most of us buying a mouse is pretty straight-forward:  Buy the Apple computer and the mouse comes with it for free.  However, if you want a better mouse you need to look outside of Apple.

Mac Mouse

For many years, Logitech is one of those companies that offers mice that are totally compatible with the Apple universe.  If you’re looking for a mouse that can serve many devices (iMac, Macbook, iPad, etc.) Logitech has one for you.  If you want a mouse with a better and more accurate scroll wheel, Logitech has one for you.  If your desktop is made of glass, Logitech has a mouse that will work on it!  If you want a mouse to be able to program multiple functions without hitting your keyboard, Logitech has one as well.  Just don’t expect Apple to offer a wide mouse selection.

I recently purchased one of Logitech’s newer mice, the MX Anywhere 3 mouse that can do it all.  It offers 4 programmable buttons, works on glass surfaces, uses hyper-speed to track web pages.  While all those features may look attractive, the $79.99 price tag does not, especially when your Apple mouse is included with your Mac.

Logitech Purchase Options

The MX Anywhere 3 mouse offers two purchase options: (1) MX Anywhere 3 Mouse for Windows and (2) MX Anywhere 3 Mouse for Mac.  So for most Mac users, the second option would seem to be the best choice.  Not so!

Both of these mice use the exact same hardware, the PC version is available in either black or light grey.  However, the Mac version comes only in light grey.  All versions of this mouse offer Bluetooth connectivity.

Besides the box differences, the Windows version comes with a charging cable with a standard  USB-A on one end and USB-C on the other.  The Mac version comes with USB-C on both ends compatible with newer Mac models only.

The PC version also includes Logitech’s wireless receiver dongle permitting connecting up to 6 devices into one USB port that can be purchased separately for $14.95.  The Mac version does not include the wireless dongle.  If you’re looking for a secondary connection platform, you’re out of luck with the Mac version.  You have more options with the Windows version and the cost is the same as the the Mac model.

PC Mouse

Even packaging on each variation is different.  The PC version is black, while the Mac version is white with black text similar with other Apple products.

Logi Options Software

Logi Options is pretty straightforward in its operation.  Just check the button you want to program and select the command you want to employ or open a specific app.  It’s your choice!

I did have a problem trying to program buttons, since it was not as simple as I imagined.  The buttons would not work as I had hoped.   Apparently Logi Optionscan control programmed buttons within major apps. (Power Point, iPad, Office & Excel, etc.) or by universal function where the button function is the same across all apps.   My solution was to turn off this apps option so I could manually program buttons.  There was no instruction on Logitech’s site for this solution to my problem.

I wanted to delete my previous mouse on the  Logi Options app.  But in order to do so you need to go to ADD devices in order to remove devices.  Yes, it makes absolutely no sense, but Logi Options software designers need to fix this.

Their mice are examples of what happens when technology is introduced.


Buying a mouse is a simple purchasing option.  But beware of other considerations as you go through the installation process.

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