REVIEW: Brother MFC-J995DW Multifunction

Printer manufacturers hope you will buy their printer at a low price and not worry about the cost of cartridges.  Epson started to change that with its series of WorkForce printers that rely on liquid-fillable storage tanks at a price point of over $400.

Brother has now taken that strategy by selling liquid-filled cartridges that are not refillable, but last one to two years. The result is their series of INKvestment multifunction printers than run $199.99 to $349.99 depending on how long you want the cartridges to last. Otherwise, both models have the same features but different ink levels.

This review covers the Brother MFC-J995DW that includes one-year of ink in the box.  Although list price is $199.99, discounts can be found as little as $170.  When you factor in what you pay in ink cartridges over a year, this printer may seem like a bargain.

This wireless printer does it all: print, scan copy and fax with your option of a document scanner or a flatbed.  It does all of these tasks effortlessly.

Print Levels

Although Brother says you can get one-year of ink with this printer, this advice is relative to each user.  Total capacity is as follows: 

  • Magenta – 1200 copies 
  • Cyan– 3300 copies
  • Yellow– 1200 copies
  • Black– 2300 copies

Print Speed

If you’re looking for print speed, this device is not.  It prints a respectable 12 ppm (pages per minute) in black and 10 ppm in color. This is comparable to other inkjet printers at this price point.  However, when compared to my laser printer (19ppm), the laser printed about 3X faster than the Brother.

It offers a 150-sheet paper tray, larger than similar printers.  It offers several connectivity options including USB cable, SD memory card as well as wireless printing.


  • Size: 17.1” x 13.4” x 7.7”
  • Weight: 19.2  lbs.


Installing this Brother printer was quite simple, especially when connected to a Mac.  No download or CD is required (unless you use this printer with Windows).  Just go to System Preferences and then hit Printers and Scanners.  Press the “+” to add a new printer and you’re done!

The next step is to add the 4 included ink cartridges and plug in your printer.

The only other option is to add wireless connectivity. Simply use the LCD display to search for your network and add your password.  When you get a confirmation that the network is set, you’re done!


All of the functions worked perfectly as advertised.  This Brother model is intuitive as to its operation, so no checking the manual is necessary.

Text came out sharp and very readable, much like a laser printer.  Although this printer produces sharp black texts, color photos look somewhat de-saturated.  Colors just look slightly soft.  The only option the printer offers is the type of paper you are using (plain or inkjet).

However, when you go into various printer software (ex.: Apple Preview), you can set the quality of printing from draft tonormalto best.  When set to best, the printout looks saturated.

As much as I like this printer, I questioned the use of a 2.7” LCD screen.  This is fine for normal operation, but typing in passwords was difficult due to the small space between characters. For a $200 printer, I would have opted for a somewhat larger screen.


If you’re looking for a printer with ink to spare, the Brother MFC-J995DW should be on your list.  It handles all your tasks quite well.  I just wish it had a larger screen.

For all-around multifunction needs, the Brother MFC-J995DW does it all and saves you money on ink as well.

For more info on this printer, go to Brother’s web site.

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