REVIEW: Apple Magic Keyboard vs. Matias & Kanex

In 2016 Apple introduced its Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad.  Previously if you wanted an Apple wireless keyboard, you would have received one with your iMac or you could purchase one for $99.  The catch is that no number keypad was included.  This just changed in June, 2017.

Before this new Apple keyboard was introduced, both Matias and Kanex had released full wireless keyboards with a numeric keypad  for less money.  This review is an attempt to compare these three keyboards.  All three are extended keyboards with numeric keypads and aluminum bodies.

Apple Magic Keyboard with Number Pad

I’m not sure just what is “magical” about this keyboard.  It is a full-size Bluetooth keyboard complete with a lightning cable for recharging.  Although there is very little height to the keys, they work capably.  Just install the included cable between the keyboard and your Mac for a full charge which should last about 40 days.  While your keyboard is charging, you will still have full functionality as a wired keyboard.

There are only two downsides of this keyboard.  Primarily, it sits mostly flat on your desktop.  If you are looking for a keyboard with a slight elevation for comfortable typing, the Apple keyboard is not for you.  The other downside is the pricing of $129, more than what Apple’s competitors charge.  For example, Logitech has a Mac solar keyboard that sells for $59.99, less than half of the Apple one.

Kanex MultiSync Aluminum Mac Keyboard

This aluminum keyboard just introduced over the summer offers most of the same features as the Apple one described above, but at a cost of $99.95.  It too is a Bluetooth device that does not use up one of your USB ports.

What makes this keyboard unique is that you can pair up to 4 devices (Mac, iPhone, iPad, etc.) to work with this keyboard.  Its keys have a little more depth in its keypress than Apple’s.

The major complaint with this keyboard is that instead of being rechargeable like the other keyboards in this review, Kanex powers this keyboard with 2 “AA” batteries.  On their website, they do not show how long these batteries last before requiring replacement.

A minor complaint with this keyboard is that it has its on/off switch on the bottom of the keyboard instead of on the side offered by its competition.

Matias Wireless Aluminum Keyboard

This keyboard previously reviewed on this blog in Dec., 2016 is still a current model.

It offers most of the features found on the Kanex keyboard including hookup for 4 devices at a price of $99.00.

What makes this keyboard even superior to the Kanex is that it is rechargeable.  It uses an even bigger battery than Apple’s providing up to a year of service on a full charge.  When empty, it takes 5 hours to go to full.


All three of these keyboards can be recommended.  But if you do not want the hassle of changing batteries, then the Apple and Matias keyboards are the ones to buy.

But if cost is a factor, the Matias keyboard is $30 less than the Apple.  Remember that the Apple keyboard only serves one device, not 4 like the other two.  If this is a problem, then the Matias keyboard would be the one to get.

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