REVIEW: Apple Magic Keyboard With Numeric Keypad

Has Apple been asleep for a decade? They have produced wired and wireless keyboards over the years, but not until now have they introduced a wireless keyboard with a number pad: the Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad.

If you work with spreadsheets or do frequent number crunching, you have probably relied on a keyboard with a numeric keypad. Most of Apple’s competitors have produced similar keyboards at reasonable prices.

For several years, Apple has relied on their Magic Keyboard, a Bluetooth-formatted keyboard—but without a number pad. This keyboard has a nice feel to the touch and was easy to recharge.   If you wanted an Apple keyboard with a number pad, you had to be content with their Apple Wired Keyboard with Numeric Keypad. This was a serviceable keyboard that sold for a very reasonable $49.00 

At Apple’s WWDC held in June, Apple introduced their new keyboard without much fanfare. What Apple did not disclose was they were discontinuing their previous wired number pad keyboard.

Their current keyboard, the Magic Keyboard is selling for an overpriced $99, especially when compared to their competition. For example, Logitech’s Wireless Solar Keyboard sells for $59.99. And that keyboard includes a number pad!

Apple has priced their new Magic Keyboard with Number Pad at $129.00, considerably higher than the competition.

If you are balking at the price, there is an alternative solution. When you buy your new iMac, you can go to the Apple Store and exchange the Magic Keyboard that typically comes with the iMac for the numeric keypad version for only $30.00. The other option would be to order your iMac with the larger keyboard for an additional $30—but plan to have delivery delayed by a few days as a result.

Apple Layout

What makes this keyboard so useful for Mac users is that it features Mac-specific keys such as Command, Option, Volume Up/Down keys. Many of the Function keys are specific to Mac users.

The keyboard has a very nice scissor mechanism beneath each key that provides a comfortable typing experience.


Configuration of this new keyboard to your Mac is amazingly simple. No more going into the Bluetooth® menu for pairing purposes. Instead just hook up the included Lightening to USB cable to your Mac, and you’re done!


Size: 16.48” x 4.52” x .16-.43”

Weight: .86 lbs.


There are a few negatives with this keyboard, but none is serious.

The key complaint is the price of $129. Apple needs to price this keyboard more in line with their competition,

Although this keyboard has a slight wedge (1/4”) for elevation, this does not seem to be enough of a height adjustment for most users.

Space between keys is very small, so hitting a wrong key could be troublesome for some users.


This is a very capable keyboard that most users would be generally pleased with. If you do not do much number crunching, you would be better served with Apple’s standard Magic Keyboard or one from their competition.

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