Review: Matias Wireless Aluminum Keyboard

1Apple is known for its leading technology. This is evident with most of their products—except for keyboards and mice.

If you’ve wanted an up-to-date keyboard, for example, you probably went with an aftermarket competitor. One such competitor is Matias that has just come out with a thin aluminum keyboard much like Apple’s standard keyboard—only better.

Matias has been known primarily for keyboards with tactile key presses much like the earlier Apple keyboards of yesteryear. Matias still produces these keyboards—for around $150. Very pricey for a keyboard!

This year, Matias has released its Wireless Aluminum Keyboard to fill the void that Apple has left. If you wanted an Apple keyboard with a numeric keypad, you had to settle for the Apple’s Wired Keyboard with Numeric Keypad for $49.

The only Apple alternative would be its Magic Keyboard that is indeed wireless, but without the number keypad at a price of $99.

To fill this void, Matias comes to the rescue with it’s Wireless Aluminum Keyboard for $99 loaded with features that Apple left off its own keyboards.

Apple Layout

What makes this keyboard so useful for Mac users is that it features Mac-specific keys such as Command, Option, Volume Up/Down keys. Many of the Function keys are specific to Mac users. This is definitely not a universal keyboard for Windows users.


  • Bluetooth® Wireless Capability– This keyboard is entirely wireless using Bluetooth® technology. Just pair the keyboard to your Mac or other devices and you’re ready to go!
  • Pairs 4 Devices – It can pair up to 4 Bluetooth® devices including: your Mac, iPad, iPod touch, Windows or Android device.
  • 1 Year Rechargeable Battery – Matias claims that their battery is 5x to 12x bigger than most other keyboards. This keyboard can last up to a year with a single 5-hour charge. The battery is a 1,600 mAh lithium-ion polymer.
  • Responsive Touch – With its thin keycaps, it’s very easy to get a crisp key touch.
  • Caps Lock Light – Some competitor keyboards do not offer a Caps Lock light due to space considerations, but this Matias keyboard does!
  • Color Choice – Matias offers this keyboard in 4 colors: silver, black (Space Gray), gold or rose gold.


This Matias keyboard is very compact for one that includes a number keypad. It is slightly heavier only due to its large battery.

Size: 17.35” x 4.58” x .75”

Weight: 1.8 lbs.


There are a few negatives with this keyboard, but none are major.718wse3f0ol-_sl1500_

In order to connect other devices you have to press one of 4 buttons on the upper right corner of the keyboard. These are the 4 pairing buttons to connect other devices. They used to be Fn keys 16-19.

The other criticism is that in order for Matias to maintain its small size, most of the keys have very little space between then that may cause typing errors.


This is a very capable keyboard one would have expected Apple to release. Although its pricing may seem steep ($99) you are getting a lot of features that other manufacturers do not offer.

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