REVIEW: Logitech MX Vertical Mouse

If you’re thinking that all mice are pretty much the same, think again.  Logitech has introduced the MX Vertical mouse with much of the same features as other flagship mice, but is radically different in design.

Instead of operating in a typically horizontal plain, the MX Vertical operates as its name implies, vertically.  You next question would be why would this be an improvement.  The primary benefit is that it virtually eliminates carpel tunnel syndrome that occurs when your hand is in a horizontal position for an extended period.  Using the MX Vertical mouse with its 57º angle, you are in a solid handshake mode that puts your hand in a more comfortable position for extended periods. Persons with hand medical issues would find a 10% reduction in muscular strain.


The MX Vertical mouse’s position is not its only benefit.  It is loaded with many features common to premium mice. For starters, this mouse offers 3 connectivity options: (1) Bluetooth, (2) RF receiver dongle (included), and (3) wired connectivity with included cable.  The rechargeable battery will stay operational for 4 months on a full charge. Additionally, from a 1-minute charge you will get 3 hours of use.  This mouse offers an LED that lets you know when to recharge .

Control 3 Devices

Like many of Logitech’s other products, this mouse offers what Logitech calls an Easy-Switch that can pair up to 3 devices and seamlessly switch between them.

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