REVIEW: Macally Solar Powered Slim Wireless RF Keyboard for Mac

One of the more popular Mac keyboards is the Logitech K750 solar powered keyboard.  It features a solar powered panel that uses light instead of batteries to power the keyboard itself.  Now Macally has introduced their own version known as the Macally Ultra Slim Wireless RF Keyboard for Mac(RFSOLARKEYA).  

Although Logitech’s solar keyboard connects via RF only, Macally instead has offered both RF and Bluetooth connectivity in separate keyboards.  The RF one sells for $69.99.  However, if you prefer the alternative Macally also makes this same keyboard with Bluetooth for $89.99.  Frankly I prefer the RF keyboard since it is more stable and less likely to lock up.

This RF keyboard is priced at $10 more than the Logitech K750. But what do you get for that extra charge?

One of the biggest omissions of the Logitech keyboard was the inclusion of a Caps Lock light, presumably due to wanting to keep power consumption to a minimum. Macally has corrected that issue by providing such a light. There are other benefits as well.  This keyboard is slightly heavier making it more stable on your desktop.

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