REVIEW: Macally Ultra Slim Wireless RF Keyboard for Mac

Apple introduced a wireless keyboard with the numeric keypad over a year ago.  Although it is a perfectly fine Mac keyboard, one has to question why one needs to pay $130 when there are other competitors out there.  Logitech, for example, has offered a solar-powered full-size keyboard for $60.

Another competitor is Macally that has been selling Mac keyboards for many years now.  Its latest keyboard is the Macally Ultra Slim Wireless RF Keyboard for Mac(RFACEKEYA).  It is priced at $69.99, but typically sells for $10 less than that.

What makes this keyboard unique is that it has a full-size aluminum keyboard with a numeric keypad that uses a 2.4 GHz RF receiver dongle (like Logitech’s) instead of opting for Bluetooth.  Anyone familiar with Bluetooth knows that this platform can be tricky and can often require re-pairing.  The RF connection is more stable with fewer interruptions.

This Macally keyboard uses scissor switch keycaps making for a comfortable typing experience.  Its ultra-slim shape saves space on your desktop or drawer. Continue reading…