REVIEW: Macally Quick Switch Bluetooth® Keyboard (ACEBTKEY)

If you’ve been looking for a keyboard that is comparable to Apple’s own devices, Logitech would seem to be a likely contender. Their keyboards offer Bluetooth® connections but also solar panels, illuminated keys and can control tablets and phones, just to name a few.

Very few Mac owners would consider Macally keyboards, yet they, like Logitech, have kept up with technology.  The latest example is the Macally Quick Switch Bluetooth® Keyboard(ACEBTKEY) that even tops Apple and Logitech’s keyboards.

Although most of these keyboards feature specific media controls designed for Macs, they will work with PCs as well.  This Macally keyboard does just that.  Their “Quick Switch” feature refers to the ability to use Bluetooth® on many devices.  In fact, this keyboard can handle up to 3 different devices including Macs, PCs, tablets (iPads) and smartphones (iOS and Android).

This keyboard is ultra slim with only 15mm (0.59”) in thickness.  This amazing since it has 110 keys including 20 shortcut keys, presets and a numerical pad.  The thin keycaps with its fast scissor flexors will be appreciated by most typists. Continue reading…