REVIEW: Samsung Galaxy S6 vs. Apple iPhone 6

81zwU5hwAmL._SL1500_81eFkI+CZAL._SL1500_When looking at the Apple iPhone 6 released last September, the closest rival is the Samsung Galaxy S6 that was introduced in March of this year. The rivalry is not just about features, but also about sales.

The Galaxy is the best Android seller in competition with Apple and this review is a look at the two best-selling smartphones on the market today.

Keep in mind that both Apple and Samsung have larger models with similar features. Apple has the iPhone 6+ with a 5.5” screen, while Samsung has the Note 5 model with a 5.7” screen. In addition, Samsung also offers the Galaxy S6 Edge+ that has a curved screen at the edge. Both larger screens from Apple and Samsung sell for an extra $100.

Android vs. iOS

Of course, if you are locked into a platform this would not be an issue. The iPhone operates on iOS 8 or later and if you are a loyal Apple brand follower this is the only phone you would consider (unless you wanted the larger iPhone 6+)

The Galaxy S6 operates on the Android platform that includes a wide variety of smartphone manufacturers. While not going into the details of each platform, Google’s Android offers many more customizable options. Suffice it to say that Apple users prefer the minimum customization and just want to own a dependable phone. Continue reading…

Review: ASUS ZenWatch

asus_90nz0011_m00010_zenwatch_android_smartwatch_brown_1421709650000_1112696If you buy any Apple Watch you have many choices although all of them involve the type of watchband or body you prefer. The mechanism itself is the same with prices ranging from $349 to $17,000. Currently, the Apple Watch only works with an iPhone 5 and up.

If you have an Android watch, however, you have more choices. Smartwatches are made for Android by Motorola, LG, Samsung, Sony and others. And within each smartwatch model you have case and band choices. Only Pebble offers the user a choice between iOS and Android platforms.

To make things simpler, most of these manufacturers have adopted Google’s Android Wear OS. So for whatever watch you choose, the operation while not identical will be very similar.

After having purchased 4 of these watches, I have found some considerations that I did not like. Features were the most common but price was a major issue. My last smartwatch was an LG Watch Urbane, a stylish model loaded with features. But it also came with a $350 price tag.

On the heels of this purchase, I discovered that the ASUS ZenWatch I previously considered had lowered its price from $199 to $150. This caused me to reappraise the ZenWatch. Continue reading…