REVIEW: Samsung Galaxy S6 vs. Apple iPhone 6

81zwU5hwAmL._SL1500_81eFkI+CZAL._SL1500_When looking at the Apple iPhone 6 released last September, the closest rival is the Samsung Galaxy S6 that was introduced in March of this year. The rivalry is not just about features, but also about sales.

The Galaxy is the best Android seller in competition with Apple and this review is a look at the two best-selling smartphones on the market today.

Keep in mind that both Apple and Samsung have larger models with similar features. Apple has the iPhone 6+ with a 5.5” screen, while Samsung has the Note 5 model with a 5.7” screen. In addition, Samsung also offers the Galaxy S6 Edge+ that has a curved screen at the edge. Both larger screens from Apple and Samsung sell for an extra $100.

Android vs. iOS

Of course, if you are locked into a platform this would not be an issue. The iPhone operates on iOS 8 or later and if you are a loyal Apple brand follower this is the only phone you would consider (unless you wanted the larger iPhone 6+)

The Galaxy S6 operates on the Android platform that includes a wide variety of smartphone manufacturers. While not going into the details of each platform, Google’s Android offers many more customizable options. Suffice it to say that Apple users prefer the minimum customization and just want to own a dependable phone.

Common Characteristics

What makes these phones so interesting is that they have so many features in common:

  • Fingerprint Scanner – Just press the menu button and the phone knows it’s yours!
  • Sealed Battery – To save space these phone offer a slimmer thickness than previous models.
  • No micro SD Card Slot – Just order the size memory phone you require. No add-ons needed. Apple and Samsung both offer models with up to 128GB
  • Aluminum Construction – Both phones use aluminum. Apple has an aluminum back and sides while Samsung has aluminum sides and a Gorilla Glass 4 back.

Physical Dimensions

The Samsung is lighter and larger than the Apple phone and has better battery life:

Check out this table:

Galaxy S6 iPhone 6
Screen Size (Diag.) 5.1” 4.7”
Height (in.) 5.6 5.4
Width (in.) 2.8 2.64
Depth (in.) .27 .27
Weight (lbs.) .30 .28
Battery Capacity (mAh) 2550 1810


81Ahr0pxlaL._SL1500_One of the reasons that smartphones are so popular is that they make it so easy to take photos unlike a bulky camera. These two phones are perfect examples.

Image resolution is hard to track down if you are only looking megapixel numbers. You also have to include the internal software as part of this equation. While Samsung has a 16MP count, Apple has only an 8MP.

Apple’s better internal software offset Samsung’s better megapixel rating, so this could be a wash. Other reviewers have found that if taking photos under challenging lighting conditions is important then the Samsung Galaxy S6 is for you.

However, if you prefer simplicity and image quality, then the Apple iPhone 6 should be your choice.

Competing Android and Apple websites each thought their own camera’s platforms were better than the opposition.


These cameras offer their own display. Apple offers their Retina HD display of 750 x 71Nbhp6q6oL._SL1500_1334 pixels while Samsung offers their AMOLED display of 1440 x 2560 pixels. Which looks better? Visit your local retailer to do an A/B comparison. Owners are generally pleased with the resolution they already have.


Apple has been more successful recently than Samsung in selling 193 million iPhones since the iPhone 6 and 6+ introduction. Samsung has recently fought back by reducing its Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge by $100 to entice new customers.

Apple’s base price for the 16GB model has been a steady $650. Samsung, on the other hand has reduced the price for their base phone (32GB) from $680 to around $580.


Both of these phones are the best ones produced by their companies. I would not suggest you dump one and go to the other based on features alone.

But since most of us are comfortable with our own current phone platforms, there is very little reason to switch. It will be most interesting to see what Apple and Samsung release on their next major introductions next spring!

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