Review: Sony Smartwatch 3 (SWR50)

41WZ83JiK2LWhen the Apple Watch was introduced last year, one would think that this is the first smartwatch ever, much like the introduction of the iPad in 2010. However, there have been several other manufacturers who have released smartwatches well before Apple.

One of these was Sony. They have released two previous models under their own operating system. Late last year Sony introduced the Smartwatch 3 (SW50) its first watch using Google’s Android Wear OS.


This watch comes with either a rubber-like silicone band or a metal band and is priced significantly less than the Apple Watch. The silicone band model sells for $249.99 while the brushed stainless steel model goes for $299.99. Currently, there are no vendors that sell the all-metal band unless you go to eBay for a seller outside of the U.S.

Sony engineers have made it possible to change out watch bands, so you can opt for the silicone one now, and get the steel one later. Unfortunately, the band is not a standard size, so only a band made for this smartwatch will work. Continue reading…

Review: HTC One (M9) Smartphone

Having been an Android user for several years, I wanted to make the switch last year to the Apple iPhone 6 to see what I’ve been missing.

cq5dam.web.280.280I have to admit that I generally liked the iPhone 6 with its many unique features: larger screen size, Apple Pay, fingerprint sensor, etc. But I missed many features I was used to with Android, so I just switched back to Android with the HTC One (M9) Smartphone.

The iPhone was an easy to set up and use phone with limited customization required. What’s wrong with that? Nothing, but I enjoyed tinkering with the phone to give it the look and feel that was me.

For many years the Android world featured larger screen sizes than Apple until the introduction of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in September. My previous phone to the iPhone was the HTC One (M8). This phone had a bright 5.0” screen with double speakers for better sound.

Last month HTC introduced their replacement for that phone—the flagship One (M9) phone. What appealed to me was that it did not make any drastic changes. Its cool aluminum back and screen had not gotten larger as many Android models had done.
In fact, the only major changes on this phone was a new 20 MP camera display and a larger battery for longer time between charges. The new 20 MP camera replaced last year’s Ultra Pixel display that was a lower resolution camera that required less light. Continue reading…

Apple Watch Pre-Orders Off and Running

Over the weekend, Apple started accepting pre-orders for the new Apple Watch. While I wasn’t in line Thursday night at the local Keystone store myself, I was interested to see some of the more intrepid reviewer post YouTube videos of their first impressions. In the two URL’s below are some good hands-on coverage of what these two reviewers thought and how the interface works.

User interfaces is where Apple really shines. If you stop and think what sets Apple software apart from others purveyors of technology, it is how they can make maximal use of a minimalist interface. With only two “buttons” and a tiny touch screen, you really have a wide range of commands at your disposal with the Apple Watch.

Review: Macally Quick Switch Bluetooth Keyboard

KeyboardIf you’ve been looking for a keyboard that is comparable to Apple’s own devices, Logitech would seem to be a likely contender. Their keyboards offer Bluetooth connections but also solar panels, illuminated keys and can control tablets and phones, just to name a few.

Very few Mac owners would consider Macally keyboards, yet they, like Logitech, have kept up with technology. The latest example is the Macally Quick Switch Bluetooth® Keyboard that even tops Apple and Logitech’s keyboards.

Although most of these keyboards feature specific media controls designed for Macs, they will work with PCs as well. This Macally keyboard does just that. Their “Quick Switch” feature refers to the ability to use Bluetooth® to control tablets, smartphones as well as Macs or PCs. In fact, this keyboard can handle 5 different devices.

Macally & the Competition

 So why buy this Macally keyboard? Here are some basic differences:

  • Bluetooth® and USB Connections – The keyboard can be paired with up to 5 different Bluetooth™ devices simultaneiously, however it includes a wired USB cable to allow continued use in case the batteries die or if no Bluetooth® connection is available.
  • Lighted Specialty Keys – This keyboard has an illuminated LED to show Caps Lock, Num Lock/Battery Low and Function Key active.
  • Specialty Keys – The Macally Quick Switch keyboard has unique specialty keys including:
    • Delete Reverse
    • Delete Reverse
    • Print Screen
    • Print

Continue reading…


WatchesUnless you lived under a rock, you probably are aware that Apple has now entered the fashionable jewelry market with their March 9th introduction of the Apple Watch.

This is Apple’s first major product announcement since the 2010 introduction of the iPad tablet. Like the tablet that has exploded into everyone’s consciousness, Apple is hoping that lightning will strike again with the Apple Watch.


Apple is offering 3 product categories with its new watch line:

  1. Apple Watch (20 models) – This category features a stainless steel case with a sport band in white, black, Milanese Steel (Apple’s word for mesh), black or blue or pink with Modern Buckle, black, blue or brown Leather Loop, stainless steel case and band in silver or black. These come in 38mm and 42mm case sizes and also feature the deluxe sapphire crystal. Prices range from $599 to $1099.
  2. Apple Watch Sport (10 models) – This category is for the basic watch with an aluminum case and a sport band that comes in two face sizes: 38mm and 42mm. Prices range from $349 to $399. Apple offers colors in: white, blue, green, red and black.
  3. Apple Watch Edition (8 models) This is the category only specialty sites will sell from $10,000 to $17,000. The lower price entry is for an 18-Karat Rose Gold Case with white or black sport band or yellow gold case with Modern buckle in black, red, midnight blue that sells for the top price. This category also offers a 38mm case size.

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